Gold mines are among 11 blocks to be auctioned in UPUP to auction gold mines

Virendra Singh Rawat

Two gold mines are among the 11 different blocks put up for auction in Uttar Pradesh.

To harness natural resources, the Yogi Adityanath government has commenced the 4th phase of mineral block auctions.

The UP geology and mining department will auction 11 mine as part of the strategic mission aimed at augmenting socioeconomic prosperity.

Through this initiative, the state is poised to attract substantial investments and generate employment opportunities, a UP government spokesperson said here.

In 2022, the state achieved notable success through auctions of four blocks in three phases.

For a long time, the state was dependent on other countries for various minerals, which often posed challenges related to domestic supply.

Therefore, the government decided to harness the UP mineral wealth to meet the state’s needs in addition to that of other states.

Of the total 11 mineral blocks being auctioned, maximum 10 blocks are in Sonbhadra district, while one block is in Lalitpur.

Sonbhadra includes 5 blocks of andalusite, 2 blocks of gold, and one block each of sillimanite, iron ore and limestone, whereas there is a block of iron ore in Lalitpur.

Limestone plays a pivotal role in cement production, while iron ore is a vital component in the steelmaking process; making these resources of paramount importance in different industries.

Earlier, the government had conducted auctions in three phases in 2022 under the provisions of the Mineral Auction Rules 2015, issued by the Government of India.

In these auctions, three blocks were for the extraction of rock phosphate, a key raw material in the production of phosphate fertiliser, in Lalitpur.

Meanwhile, approval had also been granted for a block in Sonbhadra for the extraction of gold.

Preparations are underway for the auction of four more mineral blocks in October 2023.

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At the central government level, steps are being taken to issue a global tender in October for a block related to the highly valuable platinum group metals found in Lalitpur district, one block of fertiliser mineral rock phosphate, and two blocks related to potash used in the production of potash fertiliser in Sonbhadra.

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