AI spending to touch $5 billion by 2027AI spending to touch $5 billion by 2027

Rudraksh Singh Rawat

Rallied by its proponents and skeptics with matching vigour, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has indeed cast a shadow of uncertainly over the future of humanity, weaving a complex tapestry of hope and apprehension.

As we delve deeper into the complex technological development, the AI vocabulary resonates with profound implications for people and processes, thus demanding a closer scrutiny.

Pranjal Pathak, a respected figurehead in the new age technologies including AI, has espoused an onerous task of demystifying the concept, which only a few understand fully!

His impressive academic journey spanning electrical engineering, applied physics, marketing, finance, and economics et al, equips him with a unique and comprehensive perspective to analyse for self and to mentor others.

Last month, Pathak partook in a live chat show at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow organised by the Lucknow Management Association (LMA) on the contemporary topic of ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’.

His discourse transcended the technical aspects of AI, venturing into the realms of social, environment and economic impacts. Words like ‘mankind destruction’, ‘adaptability’, ‘catastrophe’, ‘climate change’, ‘economic turbulence’ and ‘redundancy’ came thick and fast during the course of the absorbing 60 minutes of talk.

Pathak nudged us to reckon AI not just as a technological marvel, but as a powerful tool entwined with the fabric of future human existence and lifestyle.

Interestingly, he underlined the binary nature of AI that encompasses both its capacity to offer novel solutions as well as pose daunting challenges.

Nonetheless, the enigma of AI demands a multifaceted examination and inquiry, one that incorporates not just its technical prowess but its profound implications for different aspects of human life.

The bottom line is: the real challenge is to harness AI for the overarching benefit of humanity, mitigating potential catastrophes, aligning with environmental concerns, navigating economic turbulence, and navigating redundancy that may just throw mankind off the course along this exhilarating transformative journey.

(The writer is a student and a technology enthusiast)

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