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Virendra Singh Rawat / Lucknow

Sacred River Agri Technologies, an award winning agritech startup working in Uttar Pradesh, has launched free satellite based farm advisory services for farmers.

The company has already completed a pilot project covering 250 villages over the past few months. Now, it will provide weekly reports in reader friendly infographic format in Hindi, to be shared with farmers over WhatsApp groups.

The company, which also operates ‘Krishika Kisaan Mart Agri’ retail chain, has so far digitally onboarded more than 30,000 farmers across 1,200 villages in UP.

Sacred River founder and managing director Anshumali Dwivedi said the company had been exploring satellite-based solutions for agriculture ever since we commenced operations in 2020. “It has allowed us to cover a wide geography at low cost, and provide detailed and relevant farm data.”

Earlier this year, the company had tied up with another startup, Bengaluru based Satyukt. The latter provides imagery and spectrum analysis based reporting on soil chemistry, crop health and infestation. The UP pilot project was conducted jointly by the two startups.

The agri reports facilitates the farmers get accurate 14 days weather forecast, soil chemistry reports, crop health reports, warnings about pest or fungal attacks and also suggestions on remedial measures.

Satyukt founder Sat Kumar said while Sacred River was pitching satellite based solutions to the government bodies, Satyukt provided the back end imagery and product support.

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Meanwhile, Sacred River is also helping the Yogi Adityanath government in training the farmer producer organisations (FPO) as well as providing content and faculty for the FPO capacity building.

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