New Ayodhya township in the worksAyodhya

Virendra Singh Rawat

Ahead of the January 22 consecration of Lord Ram temple in Ayodhya, the Uttar Pradesh government has announced a novel heritage-villages themed home stay scheme to promote tourism.

Ayodhya is emerging as a prominent global destination for heritage, religious and spiritual tourism. The home stay scheme will introduce guests to the rich tapestry of Awadhi culture within a rural setting.

The visitors will get an immersive experience in the hospitality, lifestyle and cuisine of the Ayodhya and the Awadh region.

The initiative is aimed at weaving the elements of rural atmosphere with modern residential amenities.

From wood-flame-baked roti (chulhe ki roti) to leisurely bullock cart rides, the scheme will offer a journey that connects with the past traditions while showcasing the conveniences of present-day living.

The blend of these elements is expected to contribute to an enriched and expansive encounter with the Awadhi culture.

Embracing both modern and traditional aspects, the scheme not only features in-demand recipes but also serves the authentic taste of local flavours in the cuisine.

The scheme of the Uttar Pradesh tourism department is being rolled out by the Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA) near Samada Bird Sanctuary, Daulatpur on the Rae Bareli road, approximately 15 km from Ayodhya.

In fact, one of the properties has already been prepared as a ‘Mud House’ for the proposed home stay.

At this facility, the guests can relish a unique dining experience under the shade of mango trees. The rental for a day is Rs 9,500 inclusive of two rooms, a lawn, sports facilities and bathing arrangements for children in tube wells.

Meanwhile, the ADA has identified 18 other properties for home stay development.

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