Yogi AdityanathYogi Adityanath

Virendra Singh Rawat / Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh is looking to integrate cow shelters with the economic value chain to make them economically self sustainable.

In his missive to officials, chief minister Yogi Adityanath has stressed the need to craft an economic framework and a self-sustainable model for cow shelters, which are colloquially referred to as ‘goshala’ or ‘gaushala’ in the Hindi heartland.

He said the cow shelters should be built on public private partnership (PPP) model, and they should be actively integrated with natural farming, cow-dung paint, compressed natural gas (CNG) and compressed biogas (CBG).

“This will make cow shelters economically strong and afford the expenses on their operations and maintenance independently,” he noted.

The CM said the cow shelter managements should partner with the interested NGOs and facilitate such arrangements.

The UP government provides an assistance of Rs 900 per cattle per month to the aided cow shelters in the state.

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Protection and preservation of the stray cattle is among the priorities of the Yogi Adityanath government with the CM speaking vehemently on the topic at various platforms.

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