UP steps up wheat procurementUP CM Yogi Adityanath

Virendra Singh Rawat

To protect farmers from crop loss due to seasonal changes and expand the umbrella of grants and schemes, the Uttar Pradesh government has launched a digital crop survey platform ‘e-Padtal.’

While the blueprint has been approved for the digital survey of crops in the current kharif season, the same template will be implemented for rabi and zaid crops as well.

The purpose of the tech driven survey is to develop an eco-system and a database by working as a single, verified source by determining the ground position of data related to crops, so that the agriculture department can update conditions in real-time and carry out necessary remedial or proactive actions.

Data from 35,983 e-Padtal clusters under 31,002 accountants in 350 tehsils across 75 districts of the state will be included in the digital survey. The status of crops, their photographs and other related data will be compiled in each of the clusters.

The compilation of data related to all crops is expected to present a detailed description of their status in the form of a database.

On its basis, the departments will ascertain information about many important aspects, including providing the benefits of the government schemes to farmers and helping to determine the pricing of crops.

Meanwhile, to conduct the digital survey, ‘District Master Trainers’ in each district and ‘Tehsil Master Trainers’ at Tehsil level will be identified for a three-day training module in Lucknow.

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So far, 12 ‘State Master Trainers’ of Assistant Commissioner level have been identified, and trained in order to conduct this survey.

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