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Rudraksh Singh Rawat

Life is not a bed of roses…goes an old adage!

At times, we all feel baulked down by challenges or tricky situations in our routine lives.

In such cases, people proactively reach out to their close family members, relatives or friends for support and advice.

However, some – by innate nature – feel inhibited to seek help from others. Instead, they tend to latch on to the social media network(s) for solace and sharing their angst.

Social media is a virtual…a nonexistent reality where people connect with unknown and unmet individuals if they share common interests and outlook.

The participants in such online communities hail from different backgrounds and geographies, thus making it rather difficult to trust them.

Nevertheless, a few people become overtly attached to social media peers and even share personal bits of information. Occasionally, some even fall into traps that could potentially cause emotional and psychological distress.

Even as the world progresses rapidly, social media has become a significant part of many people’s lives, especially introverts and those who enjoy solitude.

However, relying solely on social media outlets for support and camaraderie is not advisable. A note of caution always helps!

Social media has its own unseen and stealth aspects that we merrily overlook; unaware of the possible harm or harmful influences emanating from some they choose to interact with.

Surely, social media has its merits in offering a ready and anonymous platform to vent our feelings. Yet, it is imperative to stay cautious and not rush into close relationships; to preempt potential adverse consequences that could haunt for a lifetime.

I believe, for genuine happiness, it is crucial to step out of our comfort zones and work on our personalities and be confident in the physical world, rather than seeking solace over virtual network.

Balance is the key, as social media might or might not lead to fruitful relationships and networking. The long and short of it is nothing should be taken for granted in our life journey.

(The author is a student)

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