India will witness a warmer winter seasonWinter heralds in India

Virendra Singh Rawat

The weatherman has predicted comparatively warmer winters in India this year, which means the eponymous ‘Dilli ki Sardi’ would be less chilly!

According to the forecast of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the winter period during Dec 2023-Feb 2024 will be warmer due to lower than normal intensity and frequency of cold waves expected in most parts of north, northwest, central, east and north-east India.

IMD director general M Mohapatra said in New Delhi on Friday that above-normal minimum temperatures are likely over most parts of India, and above-normal maximum temperatures expected over most regions except a few places in central and northwest India.

“The monthly maximum temperatures for December are likely to be above normal over most parts of the country except some areas of central India and north India where normal maximum temperatures are likely,” he added.

Below normal western disturbances, which shove colder winds from the snow-clad regions to parts of northwest and central India thereby pulling temperatures down, are the prime factor behind warmer temperatures this winter so far.

In 2022, the Met department had forecast a similar warmer than usual winters, and maximum and minimum temperatures in most parts of India remained slightly higher.

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Over the last few months, most parts of India witnessed above-normal temperatures. The Met department data shows India recording the third-highest maximum and minimum temperatures for November 2023 since 1901, when IMD began record-keeping.

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