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Virendra Singh Rawat

The Indian Navy has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur to foster innovation and research aimed at augmenting the country’s defence capabilities.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was recently signed between the two organisations to promote technology development, innovative solutions and joint R&D.

Prof S Ganesh, IIT Kanpur Director, said the collaboration would further the Institute’s mission to advancing knowledge, fostering strategic partnerships, and contributing to the nation’s defence capabilities through academic and technological prowess.

“As a premier institution known for cutting-edge research and technological advancements, IIT Kanpur can bring its expertise to address real-world challenges faced by the Indian Navy,” he noted.

The partnership would serve as a framework to enhance capacity building, provide solutions to field-level issues and enhance training effectiveness through exchange of faculty and guest lectures.

The structured collaboration focuses on joint R&D initiatives involving teams from Centre of Excellence (Marine Engineering) at INS Shivaji, Lonavla and IIT Kanpur.

According to the Institute, the strategic alignment would strengthen the collaborative relationship between the academia and the armed forces to foster a conducive environment for innovation and knowledge exchange.

IIT Kanpur was established in 1959 and declared to be an Institute of National Importance by India through an Act of Parliament.

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Spread over 1,055 acres, the Institute spans 19 departments, 25 centers and 3 interdisciplinary programs in engineering, science, design, humanities, and management disciplines with more than 570 full-time faculty members and approximately 9,000 students.

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