UP steps up wheat procurementUP CM Yogi Adityanath

Virendra Singh Rawat / Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has underscored the criticality of new age technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and coding in the future job market.

Addressing a group of Lucknow University students here yesterday, Yogi said AI, internet of things (IoT) and coding are essential futuristic skills in preparing youth for jobs in the future.

“By connecting youth with these programs, the state can create a skilled workforce that can attract more investments and businesses, leading to more job and employment possibilities for the youth” he added.

He said UP is taking firm steps to combine the talent of its youth with technology to drive development in the state.”

“UP has received investment proposals worth Rs 35 trillion through the Global Investors Summit and now the state is working on getting these projects on the ground. This is a significant opportunity to create jobs and employment for the youth,” the CM noted.

Meanwhile, he also distributed certificates to the students under Samsung Innovation Campus.

Yogi said the government is launching a big campaign to convert the ‘scale’ of the state into ‘skill.’ Under this, an agreement has been signed with Tata Group company Tata Technologies for the upgradation and modernisation of more than 150 industrial training institutes (ITI) in UP.

The infrastructure development, setting up of laboratories and introduction of new courses with futuristic programs will provide the necessary resources and opportunities for the youth to develop their skills.

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The CM aid the state was distributing tablets and smartphones to 20 million youth, especially to the university and college students. So far, two million such gadgets have already been disbursed to beneficiaries.

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